Gir Cow is basically used for production of milk. This cow’s breed is very popular and famous for its high-quality milk and butterfat of milk too. This breed cow mainly produces an approx. of 5000-9000 litres of milk per year. This is very effective and economical to buy. 
HF Bull
HF Bull a mature male bovine, used basically for breeding purposes. This bull is muscular than cows with thicker bones, feet, muscular neck and bony head. This bull is one of most dangerous types of livestock found in world. This is very effective and economical to use. 
HF Cow
HF Cow requires green fodder, dry fodder, cattle feed and mineral mixture for high milk yield. The feed is to be given thrice a day, with fresh drinking water. Feed can be leaves, grass, straws, grains, cakes, fodder, etc. This cow is healthy and it can be witnessed by their ideal weight and production yield.
Murrah Buffaloes
Murrah Buffaloes a breed of water buffalo originated from Punjab and Haryana, mostly preferred for production of high-quality milk. The milk produced by them are a good source of calcium, proteins and minerals with low cholesterol and sodium.
Sahiwal Bull
Sahiwal Bull is also used in certain sports around the world like bull fighting, as well as bull riding. This bull is incorporated into different festivals and events as running of bull or bull leaping and is available in different range at good price. 
Sahiwal Calf can yield 2325 kilo grams average lactation milk. If kept under optimum farm conditions, this cow can produce up t0o 6000 liter milk. A This breed gives the ease of calving. This fast-growing calf is the best amongst all calves of other breed. 

Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cow is regarded as one of the best dairy breeds. Many countries demand this cow because of the high milk production capacity and heat tolerance. Dairy cow having reddish brown skin can resist parasites and ticks. This easy to manage dairy cow breed is a little lethargic.

Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar Cow is mostly found in North India and their milk is good source of calcium, and proteins. This cattle breed of India is important dual purpose and draught breed. This cow’s milk is good for health and provides energy keeping your body healthy.

Rathi Cow
Rathi Cow is one of the widely used cow which provides huge amount of milk. This cow’s milk is rich in multiple proteins and minerals which helps in controlling the cholesterol level of body and also helps in keeping human heart healthy.
murrah calf
Murrah Calf is basically used for production of milk. The milk of this calf is very beneficial for your health as it increases energy in the body as it is rich in calcium, proteins and minerals. This cow’s milk is famous for its high-quality milk and butterfat of milk too.

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